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At Healing Touch Home Care Agency Franchise, we’ve meticulously designed our selection process with mutual respect and intention. We recognize the gravity of the franchise decision for every candidate, understanding that the outcomes ripple out to impact families and communities. Our Leadership Executives emphasize the importance of a harmonious partnership, ensuring each franchisee aligns perfectly in skills and core values. Our process stands distinctively from typical Franchise Development approaches. Your time and dedication are paramount to us. Our ambition is to collaborate with motivated individuals who seek unparalleled support in enhancing their legacy and financial security. Every phase, especially our ‘Next Steps,’ is meticulously crafted to ensure mutual benefit. Our Onboarding Team, present at Discovery Day, excels in discerning the mutual advantages of our franchise opportunity. Our ultimate goal? To empower you in making the most informed, beneficial decision. Here is some information for the franchise website concerning the next steps to take if individuals are interested in investing in the franchise
  1. Schedule a meeting on our calendar to answer any questions you may have and discuss the following:
    • business models
    • financing requirements
    • leadership
    • operating procedures and options

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  2. Register for Discovery Day (Optional)
  3. Complete an application
  4. Due Diligence: before committing, verify the franchise’s financial stability/profitability and learn more about company history and number of years in business.
  5. Sign the agreement: After careful consideration and due diligence, sign the franchise agreement.
  6. Training: Complete the training required by the franchise to gain a clear understanding of their policies, operations, and brand messaging.
  7. Launch: Launch the business and leverage the franchise’s support to generate goodwill, gain customers, and increase profitability.
  8. Ongoing education: Stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices by attending conferences, meetings, and continuing education programs to enhance the franchise’s operations and services.