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Heather Jackson, RN

She has been a nurse since 2003. She has 14 years of experience in the home care arena. She started the 1st HLT Location back in 2010 and built it into a multimillion-dollar company. She has always had a love for seniors and helping others. Her mission in life is to touch as many lives as she can, which led her to Franchise the HLT Brand.

The executive leadership team is a group of skilled and experienced nurses and healthcare providers who have dedicated their careers to providing the highest quality of care to clients and their homes.

The team had been carefully selected by the franchise’s founder, who recognized their talents and expertise in the industry, Each member brought unique skills and perspectives to the table, allowing them to work together effectively to achieve their goals.

Their collective experience allowed them to navigate the complexities of the home care industry with ease, They we’re familiar with the latest technologies and techniques, and we’re always seeking new ways to improve the quality of care they provided to their clients.

The team worked tirelessly to ensure that every patient received the personalized care they needed and deserved, They were passionate about their work and took great pride in their ability to make a difference in the lives of others.

Their dedication to their patients was matched only by their commitment to their team. They fostered an environment of respect and collaboration, where everyone’s opinion was valued and contributions were recognized.

Thanks to the leadership and exceptional teamwork, Healing Touch Home Care continues to expand. Their reputations for quality care and exceptional services straight throughout their community, and they continue to attract the best and brightest talent in the industry.